Single line diagram of a transmission system

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Today I have select which I topic that I will be give these topic presentation in next day. I am going to tell you about one line diagram of our transmission system. We have got anyone transmission work is of two kinds: two are such feature. One is the need to develop our power supply that's going to be. Second, it is that one or more work stations to coordinate pairs.

A part from that, if we speak of a single line, it first of all we have are created where the electricity generator. After that, we have transformers. Step up the voltage of the power even where.

After this is taken out of the place from here to supply two grids are given to each other when the other side is that a lot of demand to supply industries. Proceed after that then we have transformers that step down. And that supply of the voltage is reduced.

And there is more demand to all stations to supply all the supplies from here.


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