"Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"

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"Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"

Upon reading the "sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" I felt unhappy and sad, that is why, this is fact, we all humans are sinners and not obeying God's ways, so it will cause that we face problems and difficulty in our life every day.

In my point of view, if we, human beings always follow our God's ways and rules we won't face any problems in our lives besides, we will have a successful life with prosperity in the future.

As matter of fact this story shows the anger of God and the disobediences of the humans that will lead them toward adversity.

On the other hand, if we, humans do follow our God 'ways we will have a peaceful life with prosperity and it will lead us toward heaven by obeying him.

He is the only that guide us toward right ways and prohibit us from bad and wrong ways, show us the light and save us from darkness, therefore; we should obey, and praise him for not facing any problems and not raging him, otherwise, if God get anger because of our bad actions and disobedience we will for certain have a bad life without honor in the eyes of people.

For example; once upon a time there was a man who had an honest wife with two beautiful daughters, but the man was a liar and didn’t love his family, so when he earned money he spent for pleasure, lavishness, and profligacy of himself, but not caring about his family, he was heedless, so he did cruel for the sake, he didn’t have any son, but he had thought that this was his wife fault, therefore he most of time famished and starved his family, but his wife was a wise woman who told him: God is great! He will get anger one day and will give you punishment, so don’t do cruel and start repenting him who's kind and will forgive you soon and start a new life, but the man did follow his bad ways till one day he got a severe sickness and became blind, for the sake he had given too much tears for his family's eyes, and not obeying God's ways.

Consequently, I can say we must follow our God's ways and rules for not facing any problem and having a lucky life that is why, God is great he knows better than us besides, never do a bad action that God get anger and make you a poor one.

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