Skills/Guide lines to appear in interview

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1.   Make your CV attractive and comprehensive and read it with full attention.

2.   Reach at interview venue minimum 15 minute prior to the given time.

3.   Switch off your mobile phone before start of the interview.

4.   Collect sufficient information about the company you want to join.

5.   Express that you are conscious about your duties & rights of others in your personal & official life

6.   Carry one extra copy of your CV with you.

7.   Carry one note book with you to note down some useful information.

8.   Put on neat, clean and fine dress.

9.   Keep your private life secret from interviewer.

10.  Do not make jokes with interviewer.

11.  Do not detract the interviewer and give correct & to the point answers of the questions.

12.  Do not give bad comments about your previous boss/organization.

13.  Give important and respect to interviewer.

14.  Do not play with your hair, face and/or fingers.

15.  Do not cross your arms in front or back.

16.  Do not put your hand in pocket.

17.  Think before you speak.

18.  Look in the face/eyes of interviewer.

19.  Set your objectives before interview & communicate openly.

20.  Share your achievements/successes with him.

21.  Show yourself as passionate, active and knowledgeable about the job.

22.  Pay thanks to interviewer after interview to show your courteously

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