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Dry Skin Causes and how to heal it? 

Beginning of Navratres (Indian festival which precedes Dusshera) signify the start of fall for me. The end of October signifies winter season and shivratri signifies the upcoming spring season. Yeah, I know it is actually holi but the thing is Hyderabad gets hot so quickly that there is literally no spring but only summers and rainy season starts in the mid of June.
This is my seasonal mind and body clock. Of course, things work very differently in the real life, thanks to the global warming :)
Anyways, since the fall is already here, have you noticed your skin drying up more than usual? Well, my skin has been getting drier and drier since the weather has given way to rains. And, I thought I would share some of the tips to avoid dry skin. Well, you might already be aware of some or all of them but let me just reiterate them!

Hair Removal

Waxing or shaving are both drying for skin so whenever you do it, make sure you treat the skin gently and thoroughly afterwards. 
After waxing, wash the area with warm water and follow with ice cubes and aloevera gel in case of irritation and moisturise there after. 
For shaving, a better and natural option is to use homemde shaving oil made of castor and coconut oil. 

Dry Brushing and Exfoliation

Well, it is extremely important to remove the dead skin cells so that you can allow the skin to heal and regenerate. 
Dry Brushing is my favourite way of getting rid of the dead skin cells but you can also use homemade scrubs or the commercial ones available in the market. 


Get some oil on your skin. Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E, coconut oil is rich in fatty acids important for skin and sesame oil is the recommended ayurvedic therapy for skin. Use essential oils for a relaxing and luxurious therapy. Do this after dry brushing for more effectiveness.

Turn down the shower temperature and time

Reduce the heat of the bath water and the length of time you take your shower. Hot water is extremely drying and helps the skin to age quickly. Make it warm and short and extremely relaxing.

Use natural products

Whether it is your soap or face wash or the body lotion you use, try to get the natural and organic products. Alcohol toners are a strict no no. And, natural oils are the best moisturisers. 

Over indulgence is bad!

Do not exfoliate your skin daily or over do on the AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) or BHA (beta hydroxy acid) exfoliators or peels. Even fruit based face masks like papaya or pineapple or sugarcane juice must be used sparingly. It is best to stick to besan + milk as lactic acid is milder than others. Also, people with acne must be careful and not use dairy products.

Applying body lotions and creams

If the regular watery and light body lotions are not sufficing your skin dryness, you should really check out the body butter segment or go for cocoa based products. 
If you have cocoa butter or shea butter available, you can also make yourself some of the products!! Don't forget to apply the products repeatedly in case you feel really dry.
Try to find products with ceramides. They are the protein molecules which make up the lipids layer of the skin along with other elements.

Avoid airconditioning

Absolutely impossible for people in corporates but a regular application of products combined with a good diet really helps.

Shift to dry fruits for snacking

Carry a handful of nuts in your purses so that you may gorge on them when you feel hungry and let your skin also feel supple. Vitamin E helps moisturise your skin from inside. 

Drinking Water

Well, hydration always beats dryness from inside. 

Use silk instead of cotton

Well, not only for hair but silk bedsheets and pillows both help your skin as well because they do not absorb the moisture from your skin. So next time you get your bedsheets, make sure they are of silk or a cheaper alternative is satin.   
Cottons and wools increase static in the skin. The undergarments can be a good quality satin, instead to prevent drying of skin. 
Also try to avoid cotton towels.

Diffusers are a good option in winters

Humidifiers and diffusers which constantly introduce water into the atmosphere are a good option. 
Diffusers are amazing, in my opinion, as you can use essential oils and they create an extremely relaxing environment in the house while purifying it.

Hormonal Imbalances

Menopause, PMS, thyroid or any other imbalance in the body may make the skin dry. So, regular exercise is important to make sure the hormones act properly in the body. 

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