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This blog of mine would put light on the skincare. It fully describes you the benefits that relate to having a good skin type. Also, it describes some of the tips regarding how to enhance your beauty and how to maintain it, for making your flawless and mesmerizing.

Skin, as the representation of our body. Each and every one of us desires a clean and glowing skin. A glowing skin which gets admired and praised from everyone is a natural wish of each person, but this wish found mostly in girls. Almost every girl loves her skin and wants her skin to be evergreen and glamorous. A good skin can be Blessing for an individual, but this blessing can remain only if we take good care of that.


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A fresh and flawless skin can become dull with age or get damage through different ways. Applying poor products on your skin, that doesn’t suit your skin type would harm you instead of making your skin better. Apply only reliable products that are chemical less and have no side effects.

A fresh skin can give you:

 @ Confidence @

You will have confidence in yourself when you are happy with your skin color and freshness. You can easily talk to anyone when you know that your skin is not rough and dry.

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Feel good to be Admired @

Getting praise from people around you would also make you happy. You always have a smile on your face when satisfied with the skin type. A harsh and dull skin will lease you down.


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Add to your Personality @

 A fresh skin adds a lot to your personality . A good dress or makeup can be void if your skin is not fresh and glowing. Regularly making your skin glow is a bit difficult to achieve.


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People love to be with you @

The people near you would love to be your friends when your skin is giving them a positive energy of freshness. A good skin so helps you a lot in many matters.


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Skin can be made better through different ways including applying:

1.       Creams

2.       Facials

3.       Therapies

4.       Applying different Masks


How to take Regular care of your Skin to make it Fresh?

Here I'm going to demonstrate a full procedure to enhance up your beauty and freshness. Causing you to owe a flawless, wrinkle-free and crystal clear skin. You can do it only just once a week to recover your skin that may damage due to sun exposure or by having a deficiency of vitamins.

This procedure is executed in a series of steps. These steps include the following techniques:

1. Cleansing

2. Steaming/Hot towel

3. Scrubbing

4. Face Mask

5. Tonner

6. Moisturizer

Cleansing  $

Firstly, making your skin clean from dust particles is really important to start doing anything with your delicate skin. As due to sun exposure and being in a polluted environment our skin would get damage,  and absorb all the chemicals and dust particles from the air.


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Which cause severe harm to our skin. Therefore cleaning your skin appropriately is the major task. Do it on regular basis. Here is a simple technique to clean up your skin with just home  based ingredients.

1.       Firstly, wash your face with a good face wash or soap. So that your skin would get ready for further steps.

2.       Now tap up your skin softly with a towel. Don’t r rub towel on your face harshly, that is not good for delicate skin.  Tap with soft hands.

3.       Now take a cotton bud and a small amount of milk, dip that cotton bud in milk and apply on your face gently. You have to wipe your face with that bud to remove the dust particles from your skin and this will also unclog the pores of your skin.


Steaming  $



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The second step after cleaning up your face from dust is steaming.  Steaming is an old technique that was used for opening the pores of our skin.

Steaming can be done by following way:

1.       Take hot water, and put a towel in that.

2.       Take this towel out, and cover up your skin with that towel for about 5 minutes. Don’t use overheated water.

3.       After 5 minutes your skin becomes open-pored, take an ice bar to rebuild the original temperature of your skin.

4.       Apply that ice bar in a circular motion on your face.


Scrubbing  $


Now the step after steaming is the scrubbing of your face. By scrubbing, the dead cells that make your skin look dull and dry are removed and wiped off. Don’t use cheap and strong chemical based scrub for your face because it can be harmful.


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Scrub your skin with natural ingredients. So, that there would be no side effects. Scrub makes your skin soft and removes everything that is covering up your original complexion. Your complexion would get better after scrubbing.

A natural scrub that is also a home-based remedy is described below:

1.       Take a bowl.

2.       Put one tablespoon of sugar and also one tablespoon of honey in that.

3.       Mix both the ingredients well and apply that on your face.

4.       Scrub for 5 minutes, and then leave it for few minutes.

5.       Now wash off your face.

Face Mask  $


After having a scrub, your skin should have any proper mask or pack to soften your skin and to improve the skin color. The face mask is used to soften skin, but every skin types should take mask according to what is good or beneficial for it.


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The oily skin would have the issue of having an excess amount of oil on their face and nose. While dry skin people have the issue of rough and harsh skin. The face mask is used to resolve these issues. Here is some mask for both skin types:

                                        1. People with oily skin are preferred to take a mud mask. Mud mask would help them to remove excess oil from the skin.

                                        2. While other skin types can apply different things like tomatoes or papayas.

                                        3. Apply them on their face till it gets dry.

                                        4. When it gets dry, remove it gently.

Tonner  $

Toning is really necessary for maintain pH the of our skin. Our pH can only be balanced if an effective toner is used regularly on your face. Tonner can make your skin fresh and glowing. Every morning it gives s a refreshing skin. 

Tonner can be applied like:

1.       Just take Rosewater in a spray bottle.

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2.       Spray twice a day on your face.

3.       Don’t wash your face after applying toner.

Moisturizing  $

Moisturizer is very beneficial for skin. Moisturizer prevents your skin from wrinkles and can be proved anti-aging. It does control the aging effects. Regular moisturizing of your skin can give you many years back.



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Don’t moisturize only your face, apply it on your neck also. Otherwise, your neck would get affected. Its procedure is:

                                                                                                1.  Apply any moisturizing milk or cream every night on your face and neck, before going to bed.

                                                                                                2.  Use moisturizer according to your skin type.

By following all these steps regularly your skin would be recovered. You don’t need to go to saloon or parlour for different treatments, just use that home-based and easy technique to enhance your natural beauty.





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