'Social Media a Day ' Can cure any illness

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Across the world parents are worried about Social Media addiction for their kids. On the other side government across the worlds are trying to block social media messages because they can create a movement which has now toppled many middle east government. But in the middle of all this fuss, i read one interesting news on a research study which is focussing on using Social Media as a Cure.

A study led by Kansas State University research team is exploring how social media can be used as a tool to reduce and prevent diseases from spreading. The Researchers are studying whether a well-timed post from a public authority or trustworthy person could be as beneficial as flu shots, hand-washing or sneezing into an elbow.

Government across the worlds have actually dedicated Social Media accounts to give updates. In such a backdrop the above study can provide a helping hand on another helpful use of Social Media . Historically Infectious diseases have been a major cause of death due to the spread of epidemics. Scientists are trying to model this epidemics so that they can reduce them.

A strange thing is that though huge advancement in medication and vaccination has helped save many peoples, revolution of communication and technology will take it a step forward. Using the advancement in technology can be ideal thing to create a framework that can provide a robust protection to society against any infectious diseases.


Inorder to validate the results, the researchers are gathering information about human behavior. The team is also identifying the various groups that need to be reached with social media.For instance some of the surveyed participants are college-age students. They are frequently asked questions such as their use about social media and the preventative measures that they use against illness.

Initial Results have been strange since majority of participants indicate they get lot of medicial information predominately from Facebook and a few other social media sites. There is a long way to go before this study can results can be concluded. But it is definitely provides another advantage and hopefully the research can be collaborated with more findings across geographies and demographics of population.

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