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It looks more or less as recreational social media, most of which are dealing with. But it should be noted that social media as a means of communication that is rapidly combine with the different sectors of social, economic and politic. In these situations, a business or organization that you have to ask yourself what steps have been copied in this area? Do not have the social media seriously? If you are active in your organization is pursuing a strategy of social media right?

In a social media strategy is more or less correct and intelligent answers to these questions should be considered: What are your goals? Must be a clear objective in using Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other social media tools. For best results, saving time is to look up to know whether your strategy is good or not. Who are your real a fan?

How much of an emotional attempt to have the support they need? How well do they understand the knowledge that you have? What makes your organization more attractive? What does the organization exist? Do you have something to offer that other organizations do not offer it? If the organization is a character in the "Star Wars" was, Who could it be? Who are in your team? Do they love their job and care about it? They are lovely! Is there a clear policy and workflow clear incentive to participate? Administrative and support staff, other departments how social media?

How do you combine with other channels? Where do you naturally attract the most attention? How social media can be a way around that will work perfectly ordinary people, and creative new look? What are the things you want to do? What steps in the planning, preparation, directed at rallying supporters, and take advantage of the effects (blogger outreach, Twitter chats, and Facebook ads) were removed?

Who is responsible for leading the orchestra and when each part plays its role? Interested in how people hold? Through what people are interested enough to respond to the hold, without them realizing that they are doing everything in the organization?

What are some different ways to create value (and meaning of) the fans during and after Kmpyntan you use? How to leverage the campaign to propel you to the next campaign? How do you prove to yourself that you are on track to achieve your goals? What do you measure and how you measure it? Note the emphasis on measurement as a process to reach a goal is not the final stage in a campaign.

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