Social networks help elderly healthy

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According to the latest research from the University of Exeter, the elderly can prolong the life if used Facebook and other social sites.


Social networks help elderly healthy

The researchers at the University of Exeter has monitored a group of retired people 65-95 years of age from 31 elderly care centers across the UK. EU-funded campaign. Elderly people have used social networks to "eight stories" with friends that they do not feel lonely as others of the same age. Dr. Thomas Morton confirmed, loneliness, no side is the biggest causes affecting the health of the elderly.

"People are higher animals in society and there is nothing better than when we have the ability to connect with others. The most effective thing that social networking is bringing mental health of older people. The aging steps are isolated when the conversation would not have increased risk of disease and mental decline, "Morton said. Therefore, the elderly using social networks to chat, make friends, updating social situation, "eight stories" with friends of the same age would have the effect longevity.

Home Daily Mail quoted Keohone Margaret, one of the elderly are involved learning to use social networks, said "it has changed my life" - he said: "The Internet has changed the lives of people and opens up a new world for the elderly, invigorating and mind for many different ways. I see love life and want to live more slowly. "

This is not the first study about the positive effects of Facebook for the elderly, Janelle Wohltmann, a graduate neuroscience University of Arizona, USA and scientists of this school was conducted experiments with those aged 68-91. They have been tested on the social status: the level of loneliness, participate in social activities and cognitive abilities. After 8 weeks of manual Facebook and interact with friends online, the researchers examined them again.

Results showed that older people use Facebook has completed tests of the ability to observe, remember 25% better than those who do not use Facebook. "There are two benefits of using Facebook for old people. First, their brain activity more keenly by learning new skills that they become active and help cognitive ability is improved. Secondly, they are more interested in updating social situation around the world, less alone when anything can share with many people, and with that, they participate more in the social activities makes you feel useful to society, "Wohltmann said.

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