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Soil has been taken from elating word by the name of slum .

Definitions soil is a mixture of stones and minerals of comminute .that involves chemical ، physical biological quality’s. which helps plants according to feeding and mechaniqe so in this case soil is one the most important factors of nature that even living isn’t possible without it as human has created from soil and soil is the only one his resource that he can get his food from it

Soil is used for many different gales such as for making construestional material in a high rate . for making dishes which was used in past and also in the present and particularly in agriculture in a vividly rate . in one word soil is a concentrated factor

That works people way up in all parts word to work and improve people directly or in directly are busy on soil ، for example: a farmer works directly on soils a amendment and cultivates kinds of plant ، beside a person who raises animals uses from its plants for his animals a trader makes living by trading yield which comes from soil a driver also gets money by caring farmers crop to the market and finely government. can stand by tax which takes from farmer، trader، Driver and shopkeeper  


خاک یکی از مهـــــــــمترین فکتورهای طبیـــــــــــعت اســـــــــت که بدون آن حتــــــــــــی زنــــدگی ناممــــــکن اســــــــــــت ازهمه مهمــــــــــــــتر اینکه انسان از خاک آفریـــــــــده شـــــــده وغـــــــــذای راکه اســــــــــــــــتفاده میــــــــــــــکنیم از خاک بدســــــــــت میـــــــــــــآید

وهمچنان در زمیــــــــــنه های مختـــــــــــلف دیـــــــــــــگر از خاک اســـــــــــتفاده به عمل میـــــآید از جمله ســـــــــاخت وســـــــــاز ،زراعت که بدون خاک ممــــــــکن نیســـــت ســــــــــاختن ظـــــــــــــروف که در قدیـــــــــــــم استـــــــــــــــــــفاده میـــــــــــــــــکردند همه از خاک بدســـــــــــــــت میــــــــــــآید

همچنان خاک محیـــــــط مناسب برای موجودات حیــــــــه زیر زمیــــــــــنی که در آن هـــــم زندگی میــــــــــکنند وهــــــــــم از آن تغذیـــــــه میــــــــــکنند وهمچنان محیـــــــــط مناسب بــــــــــــــــرای رشـــــــــــد نباتات اســــــــــــــت کــــه از لـــــــــحاظ فزیکــــــــــی ،کیــــــمیایی وبیولوژیـــــــــــکی متکـــی به خاک انــــــــــــد

از زمانــــــــــــهای قدیـــــم تا امــــــــــــروز اکثریت سهم جهان خوا به شکل مســـــــــــتقیم یاغیر مســـــــــــــــتقیم در اصلاح واستفاده خاک مصروف بـوده واکثریت وسایل که ســــــــــاختــــــــــــه میشود از قبیل ماشــــــــــــین آلات کشـــــــــــاورزی ...........درقسمت خاک از آن استفاده میــــــــــشود



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Azada Nabizada was born in Herat Afghanistan. she is student in Hoza karbas high school.

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