Something Terrible Or Awesome Has Happened And You Are Now Ruler

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Ok, so..

I would really enjoy hearing about a few people's ideas and intentions should they suddenly become ruler of their own country. 

The country could be one much like the one you live in now or you can imagine it any way you'd like. Small, big, heavily populated or a ghost town... Try to be as realistic as possible but feel free to have fun also. 
  1. How would you operate, regulate and organize?
  2. Would you be a dictator?
  3. An emperor?
  4. Prince? Princess?
  5. King or Queen?
  6. Would you be the one the whole tribe calls Chief?
  7. What laws would you immediately put into effect?
  8. What crimes would you decriminalize?
  9. Would you make any huge changes and who help you?
  10. Would you demand a giant statue be carved in your honor or stay away from the public eye?


  • For any of you who are living in the US, do you feel like we are facing some major changes this upcoming year or do you think things will basically be the same as they have been?
  • If you're outside of the US, I'd like to know what you think of the political system where you live and what your feelings are towards it?


I know, a lot of questions, but in 30 years I don't think I have ever felt fear for the future.

I have been without a job, but another came soon enough and I have had a car break down, yet finances always got sorted somehow.

I have never felt an uncertainty towards the individuals who make our laws and decide such incredibly important things like when we go to war until now.

It raises these questions when I think about the year to come, so I wanted to see if maybe someplace might lead me to answers ...

Maybe I am the only one who feels this way and I should just shut up and pop some Xanax but then again what if the USA is totally fucked?

Also, I went ahead and designed a flag for my country. If you have no life like me and want to share yours please feel free to do so. 





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