Sons of Technology

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Gone are the days when children used to play in streets, parks and playgrounds. Now parks are empty and children have gone into confinement due to modern day devices which keep them busy. They stick with mobile phones, iPads, tablets and other similar objects of technology.

In past physical games were major source of entertainment for kids but modern children have shifted to, or to be more precise are born in, the age of technology. In past children played cricket, football, hide and seek and other local games which involved proper physical exercise. But now they have limited themselves to Xboxes, PlayStations and other kinds of consoles and computers. Concept of physical games has vanished from our society and causing many problems.

One major problem is that children are not getting adequate amount of physical exercise and cannot be stronger as kids in old days. This way they are more prone to catch diseases and have less compatibility with environment as they do not interact with environment.

This has also changed the concept of friendship. Children do not gather much and enjoy their friendship at social networks like facebook or twitter etc. So tradition of throwing parties and having fun together has also changed.

Technology is very necessary these days and we cannot imagine our lives without modern day devices but trend of sports and physical games must be encouraged in kids. They must be forced to play in my opinion and schools must start a discipline for sports for kids so that they live a normal, healthy and friendly childhood as their elders because sports and games teach us many things which we need in our later life.

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