Sources of communication and how to be connect with others.

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We can communicate with other people with many different ways . We can talk and write like we can send messages with our hands and faces there is also the phones,the mobile, the fax, e- mail, television and posting is also a source of communication.

Animals are also talk and exchanging information by their different behaviors like honey bee dance and tell other bees where to find food, Elephants make sound to tell others for say some thing and monkey show their face like a anger and happy person. But there is nothing to compare with humans.

People can talk by different languages.As we know that there are  about 6000 languages by which we can write poetry tell joke make explain tell the truth and tell lies and we are a sense of past and future not just present.

communication technology is very important in the development of all the countries.Our society is totally change since  last hundred year .And now we have the internet which is a unlimited source of communication.

By this we can easily and quickly communicate with other.And we know that internet is the biggest source of information and education.We can easily type and search and get their data in a few seconds.

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