Spamming Concept On Bitlanders

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Spamming On Bitlanders

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My dear friends

I and my friends discuss about on spamming on today.

Chat on spam: 

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Some user also ask other user buzz me my post and buzz me back and subscribe me.this habbit is not good in bitlanders community.if someone to visit your profile he will do it.plese don’t ask any other people visit my profile buzz and subcribe me.

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Subcribe me

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Some bitlanders users have not subcribe the other user. And some people mentions him comment in micro blog subcribe me plese.ur sincerity and faithful in bitlanders. You are buzzing ur friends sincerly and comments in pic and any other u like. But not says buzz me back and sub me.thjen you will subcribe automatically

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. Buzz me:

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We buzz our friends and mention comments post buzz me back reply thanks. This is minor on spam. This habbit is not is not allowed ask any me. Then you will any friend buzz .ur buzz show in activity log.

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Principle of bitlanders:

Many more principles are common follow on bitlanders.

(1) Post original content only.

(2) Do not copy other contents.

(3) Don’t post prohibited blog.

I hope my friends like me in this new activity plan. I bless keep working hard and gain high reward.

thanks you and pray for me

Tanveer Malik

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