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Spider-Man movie titles cooperation between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have announced: Spider-Man Homecoming! Who is the opponent to be faced Spidey?

Around the end of this month or the beginning of May, fans can watch the first agility Marvel Spider-Man, Captain America: Civil War. Although quite epic duel anticipate what Spider-Man in Captain America face a team member, Tom Holland adventure as Spider-Man will not end there. He still had a single film Marvel Studio in collaboration with Sony Pictures.

Today, the title of the film Marvel-Sony partnership was announced: Spider-Man Homecoming!

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Homecoming. The originator of this title as if to remind fans that this is the title of the first single movie Spider-Man after he "returned home" into the hands of Marvel Studios. Sony Pictures boss, Tom Rothman, to convey that this title also refers to the background of Peter Parker is still a high school student. Peter will also be shown trying to find their way home.

Rothman convey unclear Peter wanted to go where. But keep in mind are: Tom Holland it was British actor. Maybe accent can still be felt even in the movie. Is the house in question is a British Rothman and Peter actually felt homesick living in America?

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The Verge convey that Sony display one scene shows Peter came home Aunt May. But there is a surprise waiting for Peter there. These high school students found that her aunt spoke with the director of Stark Industries: Tony Stark!

Not yet known whether the trailer presented at the event came from the Sony Pictures Spider-Man Homecoming or instead of Captain America: Civil War. If the origin of Homecoming, means accidentally Sony leaked that Tony Stark survived Captain America: Civil War. Interesting also saw the end of Spider-Man will interact with other Marvel heroes, but this time in the movie itself.

Unfortunately, the trailer is not yet available for public consumption at this time. So you have to wait. Hopefully not too long until the video is leaked or officially released.

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Spiderman's enemies Homecoming has also been announced. As you can read in Movies Birth Death, the enemy of confirmed will appear at Homecoming is a Vulture. Vulture is a Spider-Man villain desired by Sam Raimi before Sony Pictures him to use Venom. This time, Marvel apparently returned wants Vulture appears in the film.

However, given the Vulture is not one of Spidey's most famous antagonists, do not be surprised if later revealed that Vulture is only one of several antagonists that will be faced by Peter Parker. Indeed, usually bring Spider-Man to the more than one antagonist is a bad idea. Look what happened to Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. But this time Spider-Man are in control of Marvel, so at least the fans can be sure this film will be better than ever before.

Spider-Man Homecoming planned to be released in July next year.


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