Sport and Games

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Sport and games play an importent role in the development of human personality.They are no less importent then food and frish water development country like Amrica,England,France and Germany hane made games an exsential part of education at the school level.It is intersted to note that there are many nurseriesand traning center for games in there countery.They admit boy and girls for nocessary traning to become future athletes,gymastsand sportsman.

                           "A strong mind is in healthbody"
The pakistan school boysand girls know fully well the meaning of the proveeb.
                     "All work and no play make jack a dull boy"

The know that there growing bodies need regular physical exercise to keep themmseleves health and fit.The most popular games are Cricket,Hockey and foot ball.

These games are play in open grounds.A number of school clubs and societies hold athletic constests include working,jogging,jumping swimming,rowing werstling boxing,hammer and disc throwing,light and gyanastis.An athlete is trouined to be perfuckty fit to engege in such contests.Genral sports include hunting,fishing,riding,cyclimg ,moutain.Climbig is be coming fovaurite games of pakistan school boys in summer time amang the moutains of murre.Nathigallic swat,chitral,kaghan and the karakoram highway.

    Through sport and games,we learn team spirit,welearnt tolerance. They tesch cooperation.Play obey the order of thir captain and the umpire with out any wuestion.they have training in accepting the defeat with a good heart.They produce in use a seuse resposibility.These values of great importent in our in life.Every true sport man in an honest strainght and geneous fellow.Sport and games produce molal quatitiies in us

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