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A sound mind is in a sound body. It is clear that everyone likes to enjoy good health and stay healthy. But few people might have paid attention how to be healthy. One of the essential and basic ways .of being healthy is exercising sports. The Sports are different such as, light Sports (volleyball soccer .etc) and heavy sports (boxing, body building ...etc) but they all have a common point and that is their positive role in being healthy. Sports are recommended for both young and old people, because the human organism needs sports in all periods of age. Of course the young are energetic enough to exercise heavy sports but the old ones are usually recommended to exercise the light sports .the effect of sports is remarkable in the society. By exercising sports the young avoid using narcotics and the other social and ethical corruption decreases. Eventually sports is the guarantor of health so it must be included in every ones daily schedule

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Maroof Hakimi was born in Afghanistan. He is studying 11 class in Salgoqhi high school. He is studying English in Herat Bastan Institue. He has intrest to work with computer.

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