Start 2015 with a new avatar accessory: the Crown of the Three Kings + 15 Buzz Bonuses for 6 months

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Happy New Year!

Start 2015 with the biggest Buzz Bonus ever!


At bitLanders, we decided to start 2015 wit a big reward! Starting January 1 and until January 6, you will be able to buy the Crown of the Three Kings for your avatar from the shop and get 15 Buzz Bonuses for... 6 months!

Give your avatar a new look for the New Year and benefit from the biggest reward ever offered on bitLanders! You have until January 6 so start shopping now!

Don't forget that until January 6, you can still get 10 Buzz Bonuses when you buy the whole Christmas set for your avatar. You can of course cumulate those 10 Buzz Bonuses with the ones you get from buying the Crown for even more rewards!


Happy 2015!


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