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We know as from the beginning of this universe is been stretching until the infinity and it is still been stretching as us human cannot get hold of it. We see lots expensive amazing objects filled all around the world.
                     How is magic not true? Still we have hard time believing it. This universe are filled with different types of living begins which is more than we cannot count OS an still the human brain cannot believe it.
          Another 20 to 30 years before and later human has contacts with aliens we have seen and heard in our history.
            But at present we can believe that there are aliens living in this universe because we got information data that they exit with a small logic theory.

 If we see most closely about the earth its just a small blue dot if we take in the whole universe. So as an example is the earth larger than the universe or is it the way around.

 So as it is how could there be living creatures only on earth because there are so many plane

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