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                                   water is an fluid that  can be obtained through the natural sources of it like oceans,lakes,rivers and rain.The chemical formula suggest that the water contains two molecules of Hydrogen and one of oxygen.water's original form is liquid but it can be existed in solid form which is ice,in gas form when the water is boiled like in steam and also exists in snow,dew and fogg and in shape of clouds as well.


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                                                         The water has a greater importance in our life and specially for the human being,it has more importance in the places where it is in short form or the people  paying to buy the water and the body of a human being consists of 75% of the water.The water is the prime source through which the life is possible on the earth.Water is circulating beneath the earth as it is circulating in the body of human being.

As the study shows that the average human body contains 42 liters of water and with its potential if the person loses 2.7 liters of the water so the person suffers in Dehydration and other problems relating to this and could be dangerous more on.

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                                     Water is symbol of purity.Water is from day first when the Living started possible on the earth and in ancient cultures like Greeks when ever they use to worship of their gods and they start to choose the place for living where the water was available and the importance of water can be visualized by the ancient history.they use built the cities where the water is in full considering the location and the availability of water on consistent bases.


                                                      The water for drinking is far below than the pure and full of many chemicals like chlorine which root cause of enhancing problems and increasing bacteria in the water and causing diseases like Heartache , High Blood Pressure , Hardening the Arteries and the Cancer and many skin problems in the societies.The high involvement of the Chlorine in the water causing many problem and slowly destroying the proteins of the body and also effects on the body and the hair in this regard.

The one U.S official study shows that people using chlorinated water among them the their are 93% chances of cancer than those who are using pure water.

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water is necessity of life and the most important thing in the life of human being and the human body consists of 75% of water.The water is polluted in today's life and the level as well is getting down day by day.we are wasting water too much in our daily life knowing the fact that water is scarce beneath the earth.


                                              As the water is very important in our life but there are many of the factors that are disgracing the blessings of God and its bestowed and they are selling water to people on which the people are having full right on they are forced to purchase the water from them because in may of the areas in Pakistan the pure water is not available and if it is available than it is in scarce .


                     Karachi is the heart of Pakistan and is the biggest place for the commerce and trade for everyone even from a poor man to a businessman everybody is able to earn his life in its better manners.The city is not been able to maintain the availablity of pure water to the people living in the remote areas or even in the urban areas.


                                               The Karachi water and sewerage board (KWSB) is responsible for all this mess and no other than the corrupt officers involving in this business and the Water tanker Mafia behind the scene rotating the business and both are doing the business with the ease

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                                          The water is also polluted supplied by the illegal water resources by the water tanker mafia which result involving people in dangerous diseases.It is the responsibility of the Govt. to provide fresh and clean water to all areas of the cities.

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                                                 The illegal operations that are under the supervision of the govt. officers and in Karachi specially where people buy water every day for the necessities of their life while its an important part of the life.They brought the water by the plastic jugs and on the wooden carts and its not enough they use to do the practice afternoon and in the evening as well.Well its an organized business which getting up and by the supervision of the officers and the Bureaucurates and other officials in the chain.


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                                There is big crisis of water shortage in many areas of the Karachi and the people also protested against the officials and the KWSB to minimize the shortage of the water.The demand of the water is 650 Gallons per day and the city is facing the shortage of 150 millions per day.karachi water and sewerage board admitted that about 40% of the water is stolen in many ways like rivers and dams and the cracked pipe lines.


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 16 water plants are operating under the supervision of the KWSB and these plants are supplying also 30000 Gallons per day and other than this 129 millions plants are running by the other individuals but the officials are not taking any action against them even knowing everything.


                                              KWSB is using many old water pumps some of them are repairable and some of them are useless as to send them for repair because the spare parts are not available in Pakistan and they are claiming that the scarcity of water is because of the old water pumps because they are not working properly less water pumping is another issue.they say that the if we made the order it will take months of time to get claim back and that is not the need of the hour.

In real it is not,In today's age it is very easy for any organization to make the order any where in the world for the spare parts but the officials are fail to do so.The shortage of water is only created by some of the unofficial organizations and the political administeraters.

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This video shows that people are very sting by the water tanker mafia and the the reporter also talked with the people and one of them saying that the water tanker available in the remote areas in 2500 Rs which impossible for a poor man how will he adjust his budget if he purchase the water tank in the rupees and the owner of the tanker is also making justification on his right.


                                                                                                   Pakistan is not particular facing the problem of scarcity of water its India as well which is facing the same problem the people of India is also suffering the same problem of shortage of water and the people are compelled to purchase water on higher rates from the Water Tanker Mafia's many cities Which are called the Hub states like Chennai,Goa Gujrat and Bengaluru.

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This is the report about the Delhi in India where every thing called on but actions are not taken by the Govt. which they promised people are not getting water and even one person is saying that i became ill because of using polluted water for a month and i spent 50000 to get recover.


                            The city Bengaluru is also facing the same problem of water shortage.There is huge mafia working under the supervision of the political leaders.It is the duty of the responsibles to solve the problems and take action on the complaints if they receive.

The Government is unable to take actions against 20000 old takers that seems on the roads every summer.

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                                                                                                                       This is the best thing atleast they thought about the people to provide them the pure water in New Dehli which is the homes which are not having the pipe lines are now able to get water free of any cost.

The water should be provided to them with the government tankers.The detail of the tanker along with the driver and his Mobile number will be available online  for  24/7 and can be contacted at any time for particular colony.

On one call the duty will be fixed and if any wrong deed the person and the driver found guilty will be dismissed from the job at the spot.Government Tube wells are also made in order and handed over to the locals there.

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                                                                                                   The scarcity of water is the big problem and the solution of this problem should be addressed in near future other wise its  an alarming situation and somewhere if the water is available in the societies its not worth to drink full of pollution and infected water that caused the diseases to the people and there are some measures to be taken to solve the problem.

Although this is not the problem of every country but some of countries like Pakistan and India many more Asian countries where there is lots of wastage of water happens,If this problem is not addressed very soon it going to cause on a high nodes.



                                       The technology should be used in this respect to collect the salty water and to convert the water in its pure form.This process is called  Desalinization it is used to out the salt from the water to make it pure for drink and other purposes as well.


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There are some other water technologies that are used to solve the problem of starvation of water.Some of them are as follows.


                                                               The electricity cane be produced by the wind but also it is used to produced water from it.The Dutch company named as Dutch Rainmarker has produced a device its like a box and beneath the box there is a bottle used as a container.The company officials says that the company is selling this unique product all around the world specially the countries like Kuwait and it is producing 7000 litters of water per day so its not expensive the countries should have to launch those products in order to solve the problem.

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                                                                                                              purchased water from the other countries can be deemed as to reduced in the scarcity of water but it is costly and most expensive if it happens than the water will be more precious than any other thing in the world and this is the need of the hour.

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                                                                 The tissues are used in the toilets that makes a sense because wastage of too much toilets in the pots is certainly useless Recently, The Research Institute in Us RTI in its report said that not only the water can be saved from the wastage but also electricity can be produced by the drained wastage.

They are developing a system through which the waste can be restored and processed by the electrochemical process solids material then be stored and and when it is completely dry and passed through the heat and the temperature to produced the electricity.

This is tested in India in the Gujarat city which is not costly worth not more than 5 cents per user at per day.


                                                                                                                waterless washing are introduced by one of the british company named as Xeros.Xeros has declining the demand of other machine that are already using in the launderies and more of the fact the Xeros company are installed at 37 in quantity and also the ordered are coming from many developed countries like U.S also Installed 7 are installed in Europe.


                                                               plants are produce by the irrigation system and the fruits that we use in our daily life and the water that is coming through the dams and the rivers in shape of flood and the water is diverted to the fields 

One of the Switzerland's company that is working on the better irrigation system and it will easier for the farmer to produce much in less time and without wasting the water source too much.

fields are arrange by the pipelines and the each pipeline should be flowing water with respect to the water needed and valves are used with the pipes.


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