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This is some of my work to be in the Stasis Exhibition at Barton College,NC; March 1-April 4. The video projection piece is called Water Lillies in response to Monet's Water Lillies. It utilized a floor video projection to manipulate the light throughout the lillie pads (made of acrylic polymers and paper). The paintings are part of a continual dialogue between moving shape information provided by the video work and the physical properties that paint allows on the canvas. There are upcoming videos to be released on Film Annex featuring both the Stasis Exhibition and Polarized Dispersion video projection installations in the next few weeks.

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Michael Wyshock (b. 1978) is an American artist who creates artworks by fracturing color in still and moving compositions. His work has been supported with a Pollock Krasner Award, Ringling Tower Award, Vermont Studio Center Full Fellowship, Delaware Division of the Arts Individual Artist Award, Louisiana Arts Council Award, University…

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