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This year 2018 is very dear to me as it brings many revolutions in my way of thinking. In this year, I am feeling a positive energy inside me. My negative thoughts exist no more inside my mind. These changes occurred because I am watching motivational videos and success stories these days. These incredible success stories have inspired me a lot. Now I love to read stories of successful people of all times. Today I am presenting the success story of a legend.

Steve Jobs: A man of worth


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Steve Jobs is an American inventor, who is the co-founder and CEO of the Apple company. This man needs no introduction as all of us are much familiar with his name. He has completely revolutionized the spectrum of technology. He has transformed the world of personal computing, mobile technology, with his new digital parameters. Today, he is heading over $350 Billion Empire.

He facilitated people with compact and better technology gadgets. No one can set up marks like the way he did. It’s time to put light on his journey of how he managed to do so. Let’s see what his story is.

How Steve jobs become such successful?

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Steve Jobs was born on February 25, 1955. He was an adopted child as his mother wasn’t able to take him up. He was adopted by a working-class family of Steven Paul Jobs and Clara JobsSteve was not an average child rather he was an extraordinary genius. He was blessed with the power of inventing wonders.


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Steve was interested in electronics from the very young age. He uses to work with his father in his garage as he was a technician. Steve schooling journey was not much impressive as he did not feel good at school. His parents want him to study in good college but he was dropped out in his first semester. YesSteve was dropped out from the college due to lack of studies.


>>Steve was Dropped out of College

With that dropout, he did not stop himself rather start working towards his interest. He started working in his home garage day and night. He uses to spend his time with machines and computer for making something out of the world.


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In this journey, one of his friends also worked with him named Wozniak. Both of them make the first personal computer of Apple. It was a tremendous success in the field of personal computing. Apple computer’s worth starts increasing day by day.

But in 1980, Apple comes to decline and all its fame shed over. Market competition increases and improved gadgets were introduced in those days. Apple Company was going completely off. These days were much devastating for Steve with all these failures. So, Steve resigned the Apple company and sold all his shares.


>>Steve introduced NeXT company


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Steve still not stops himself from technology. This man never gives up and get up with a new zeal by introducing NeXT computer company. But, unfortunately, the NeXT computers were much expensive to attract users. The company did not succeed and all the efforts of Steve were worn out. Failing one more time still not make him quit.


>>Steve starts PIXAR animation studios

He starts working in another business, Pixar animation studios. In 1996, Pixar animation makes a bang and succeed by creating first ever animation film "Toy Story”.

That was the revival of Steve towards success. But, it never ends here, there was much more for Steve.


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During the success of PIXARSteve was called by the chairman of  Apple and was re-appointed as the CEO of the Apple Empire. The company was falling down day by day and it was expected that Steve will make it get up. Steve agreed to revive the company. He started making improvements in the Apple computers and start introducing advanced technologies.

He worked for facilitating people with the best technology ever. All his efforts finally work and Apple succeeds in standing up again. At the end of 1988, Apple turned its way towards profitability again. The total sales of apple enhance to $5.9 Billion. Apple starts getting healthier with the efforts of Steve

Steve was happy to see his invented company flourishing. Steve makes anonymous products that make hits in the market.


>>Apple revival


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Apple’s innovations were just getting started. The products of  Steve start becoming the need of users. But, he never ends up with personal computers rather he introduced other products also. Over the next decade, Steve invented a series of other products like iPadiPhone and many more. His products are much user-friendly and facilitating that everyone starts using it. With too many failures Steve finally got the position, which he deserves.


>>Steve Set Example for others


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This man proved that after every failure a new door opens for you. The only thing which can make you down is quitting. If you never stop trying and making effort you will reach a height of stars. 


>>Steve Fight with Cancer

Steve not only bears a number of complications in his work, he also faces health issues. He fights with cancer bravely. Besides having cancer, he never left Apple. He remains in touch with his company even after cancer. He performs all his duties as a chairman of the hospital. He was hopeful that he will survive and again work for Apple as he was doing before.

But, unfortunately, on October 2011 the co-founder and CEO of Apple company passed away at the age of 56. He sacrificed himself completely for idealizing technology. The trend of technology is changed now just because of him. Apple Company is still using Steve's parameters for upgrading the standards of their products.


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>>Steve Jobs taught us...

This story teaches us that if a person wishes for something, he can make it possible. Nothing is impossible if the desire of a person is larger than his fears. Steve faces all the failures manly but did not give up his dreams. He does what he wants to. He is an example and inspiration for all of us.

All legendary peoples face hardships, bear problems, work hard but, never chose giving up. We can also set marks if we have a strong desire. That was just a summary of the story of Steve Jobs. I hope it proved informative for all of you. Here is a motivational video by Steve itself.

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