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Bitlanders is a platform in which people are here to earn. Bitlanders is a place where people posts different variety of posts such as Blog Posts, Photography and Movies and submit them for review and when the result comes out their buzz score goes up and their earning also goes up. If the content is in his/her own words so the result will be good and if he/she is copied his/her content so the result will be bad.


We have to stop spamming on bitlanders. If we don't stop spamming on bitlanders this means we are cheating with the site. Now I shall show you some examples who are spamming with bitlanders and in what ways: 

Some people are posting stickers and their target is to get buzz on there posts.


Some people are posting numbers like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. And there target is to just post 10,20,30,40 or 50 posts and also gain buzz on their posts.

How can we avoid spamming on bitlanders:

We can avoid spamming on bitlanders by writing his/her own original content and submit it for review. If the content is copied from any kind of site so it's also cheating with the site. The content can be in the form of Video,Photography and Blog Post. Now I will tell you how to submit a content for review:

When you want to submit your content for review you have to click on the blog. There are two options at the left top corner like this:

When you click on submit for review it will ask you like this:

If you have 10 gems so you can submit your content for review just click on the the option Submit and it will be submitted. But if you don't have 10 gems so it can't be submitted. Then you have to go on the bitlanders shop. When you want to go on the bitlanders shop at your screen there is a icon like this when you click on this icon, the shop will appear at your screen like this:

There are three options at the top of your screen:

1. bitFashionita

2. bitCharities

3. bitGoodies

When you click on the option bitGoodies it will appear like this:


When you reach the bitgoodie block. There are gems to buy if you want to buy gems it will be cost.

25       Gems = 0.00719340 (+1 buzz for 5 days)    

50       Gems = 0.01380585 (+1 buzz for 5 days)    

100     Gems = 0.02490033 (+2 buzz for five days) 

250     Gems =  0.04886923 (+3 buzz for five days)

640     Gems = 0.12221378 (+7 buzz for 5 days)     

1500   Gems = 0.24445473 (+13 buzz for 5 days)    

Types Of Content:

There are three types of content:

1. Gallery

2. Videos

3. Blog Posts


If you don't know how to make gallery may be this help you:

How to make Gallery:

(video source:

Your submitted gallery must:

1. Follow a theme

2. Contain 5 images

3. tagged accurately according to the theme


If you don't know how to make a video, then you can get help from this video:

How to make a video:

(video source:

Your video must be in:

1. English

2. Your own (original content) not copied

3. Properly tagged

Blog Posts:

If you don't know how to write a blog you can get help from this video:

How to write a blog:

(video source:

Your submitted blog must be in:

1. Well formatted English, grammatically good 

2. Your own original content not copied

3. Tagged accurately with relevant keywords

I hope that you enjoyed reading my blog. I have tried my best to explain the topic Stop Spamming on Bitlanders. I want to say you that please make bitlanders a spam free platform. Thank you so much. 




















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