Strange Animals #2 - Mata Mata Turtle

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Mata mata Turtles is an aquatic specifes that hates deep water because it likes to keep its snout afloat, this turtle from my nightmares is found in northern Bolivia, eastern Peru, Ecuador, eastern Colombia, Venezuela, the Guianas, and northern and central Brazil.

The mata mata turtle is one of the neatest-looking turtles on the planet. It looks like debris found at the bottom of a vernal pool, such as leaves. In the wild someone might walk right past a large specimen. The carapace contains brown, red and black coloration. The species has a wide head and a pointy nose. Its neck has a rigid texture to help with the camouflage. Hatchling mata matas are more brightly colored and appear whitish or yellowish like a tropical leaf.

 Matamata Turtles are carnivores and feed almost exclusively on live fish. Offer them a variety of prey such as goldfish, platies, mollies, minnows (shiners),Gambusia, guppies, and even earthworms.

Baby Mata Mata Turtle:

Below is a video showing how Mata Mata Turtle eats its prey. The motion is faster than the blink of human eye.

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