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 Seeing as string instruments are my favorite in the world of classical music, I wanted to look further into this spectacular subject along with the other two major groups of instruments, just trying to find out more behind these beautifully sounding friends and inspiring young kids to try them out.


As we may all know, string instruments include the violin, viola, cello, and double bass, as the most widely used of all the guys in the string family. The other two major groups of instruments in the world of classical music are our percussion and winds.

 The winds family primarily includes the two subgroups woodwinds and bass. The main woodwinds are our flutes, piccolo, clarinets, oboes, bassoon and saxophones while the bass are our trumpets, horns, trombones, and tubas.


And finally the third and last group is percussion with the two subgroups of indefinite and definite pitch. The definite pitch instruments being the marimba, xylophone, piano and timpani whereas, the indefinite includes the base drum, cymbals, and snare drum.

 As we can tell there are a bunch of different instruments some that are more common than others in the world of classical music. My all time favorites have to be in the strings family, considering the fact that I am obsessed with the cello and violin.

 Some of the greatest pieces that I adore are some that I may have mentioned before including the Cello Song by Bach of course; however, pitch instruments are definitely up there with Chopin’s nocturnes as very endearing indeed.


There are so many classical instruments to choose from, it is a shame that more parents do not enlist their children to learn at least one of these guys at an early age, I know that there are many who wish they picked up an instrument at a young age.

 I wish I had picked up an awesome instrument like the piano or cello as a child. Classical music is very inspiring and I’m sure any child can take more away from it than we can imagine. Who know, maybe even the next Bach or Haydn is out there somewhere in the world and all he or she needs is a little boost in the right direction.



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