Such a normal half-day walk

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Often writes to me, where I go to shoot animals - answer out there, because at home watching TV it goes wrong.

Regardless of the weather, I take fatigues vest (it has a lot of practical pockets) and hat (which fits against the sun and rain). Of course I have good locations, where it meet certain species, mostly because I do not go routes, but often digress from the path verify known places. One noon in late July, I decided to explore the area scythe mountain. Since I live in Beskydy between the hills so it's no problem to make some mountain hike. That day is very hot so do not take fatigues, but in shorts and a T-shirt out to explore.

Even the door hut chattering sparrows home and field and go. I see the road backed Shrike and digress to him and I take this meadow. That I do not have the right clothes watch as soon as I begin to undulate between shoes viper. It's pretty begins. Evidently underpriced clothes. I immediately slowed down and treads very carefully. It's a waterlogged meadow with the occurrence of corncrake and in the summer after ripening seeds of thistles can be reached goldfinch. After their characteristic voice I recognize that there are so digress into the middle of the meadow. They have a large enough distance to escape, but some do still shot goes. Power is not staying because of vipers there's really not much of a monster too shy. Today's score - Meadow size of 50 x 200 m, which I passed in one direction, and I counted 8 Vipers. They are still there, but in such numbers I saw them for the first time. I walked up to the forest road and I took some photos of butterflies. One stump me from a distance seemed so I go over and see a toad in a depression. The last stretch to the mountain hut is quite significant and climb the pound in your backpack (wife argues that, even around the navel) on his back to make.

Everywhere feeds Chiffchaffs. Chiffchaff is grateful for bird photography. It is abundant (almost everywhere), when feeding is heard loud and distinctive voice. During feeding a small district for collecting insects and mainly feeds and when disturbed (normally take photos from a distance of 1-1.5). Right beside the road to hear one female and resist. I sit between blueberries and watch the voice. Fly by and it's in a small spruce trees between blueberries. And it's mine. Find nest is a question of moments. The cottage observe in spruce feeding its singers. It's unusual nesting Lesser Whitethroat to 10m spruce height of about six meters. By evening I scythes mountain seen so I go home. Below the hill, I check a pretty meadow and thinking about what deer. It is 19 hours and decide to wait until 20:30. Without proper clothing mosquitoes bite like hell, but what man would not last for a few photos. Around 20 pm something jumps in the grass on the other side of the meadow, seeing them only occasionally tail. I can not decide between Kuna and Fox. I raise my eyes from the camera and meadow deer walking toward me. It stops at 10 meters and set off on pasture. I'm sitting in the meadow completely unprotected and take pictures. It is already a bit dim and so is the problem of keeping short times of hand. To hear the clicking of the shutter deer and turns to me, but after a moment away in peace waist. I dare not move let me eat the mosquitoes. It's dark and I'm going home. U barracks still small trip to the meadow if I hear whistling srny and suddenly swept around. Just fotím estimated because the viewfinder there is nothing to see. Sets different camera but interesting just the first picture (as always).

Take pictures goes everywhere, you just need to really look around and be at the right time in the right place
... How simple.


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