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Hello guys!

In this blog I would love to write something about motivation. We all know how important it is for everyone. No matter what are you doing, you need to be motivated. 

I will share with you some quotations about motivation, pieces of advices that will help you to stay motivated and my opinion about motivation. 

I hope that this my post is going to be helpful to you. 



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How to stay motivated?

First, and most important, you need to be sure what do you want from yourself. You cannot be motivated if you are not sure what you want. When you are sure what you want, you just need to keep working for that.

Being motivated means to know where you are going, and to keep going. 

I will share with you a couple tips that are going to help you to stay motivated. 

First and most important is to set small goals. If you set too big goals, you are going to lose your motivation, and you will give up. Do not expect too much from yourself. For example, if you are studying something, learn lesson by lesson, do not try to learn it all at once. When you set small goals, you will see that everything will be much easier. 

Next, set your routine. Do the same things at the same time, every day. Let's get back to the example with studying. If you are studying for your exams, do that at the same times, every day. For example, start at 2 p.m. and study till 8 p. m.

Find the perfect time. If you can not study during the day, that is okay, you can sleep, eat, train, and do many other things during the day, and they study during the night. If you are trying to study during the day, you will not be successful, you will get nervous, and you will lose your motivation. 

Get support. Even if you do not want to confess to yourself, you need support. Everyone needs support. I am sure that around you are living people who love you very much. They will give you support that you need. 

Remember the big picture. When I say this, I mean, remember why you have started doing something. If you are studying, remember why did you get to the college, that will help you a lot. 

(Here I took studying at college for example. But, that is just an example, those tips will also help you if you are training, making something, working... No matter what you are doing, those will improve your motivation, and motivation is one of the most important things if you want to be successful. People who are not motivated can never be successful. 



You owe it to yourself

No matter how hard it is now, just remembers how strong you wish it. And keep going. You can pass through everything, and you owe that to yourself. At any moment you have two options, first is to keep working and fighting for yourself, and the second one is to give up. If you decide to keep going forward you will end up on the top with people who also worked hard for that. And, if you give up, you will get back to the bottom, with a bunch of lazy people who are not doing anything to help themselves. The choice is yours. 


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Best motivational quotations

I will share with you my favorite quotations about motivations, I hope that you are going to like those quotes and that some of them will help you to keep working hard for what you want to have.

 (If you know any good motivational quotation share it with me, and other people here in the comments below)

The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.

-Winston Churchill

That is right, positive people will always see an opportunity, and negative people will always see the difficulty. Give your best to be an optimist, but if you can not, think about what you are doing. Maybe you are doing something wrong, maybe you are doing something that is not making you happy. And, that can be a really big problem. 

People who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do!

-Rob Siltanen

The one who is brave enough to start up a new business will create jobs for 99 who are not brave to start own business. Simple as that. If you do not believe in yourself, if you are not crazy enough to try, you will never do it. 

 Believe me, one person can change everything. You can be whatever you want to be, and you and up anywhere. Just believe in yourself. 

Imagine your life in perfect in every respect. What it would look like?

-Brian Tracy

Be sure what do you want from your life. Where you want to be? When? What do you wanna be doing? Why? With how many people? Who are those people?

If you want to be, have, become... you need to give answers to those questions. You need to know exactly what you want from your life. 

What is perfect for you?

If you can dream it, you can have it!


This one is my favorite of all time. If you can dream of having something, you can have it. Just work hard, never give up, and keep going forward, no matter what is happening around you. 

You can have anything just be sure what do you want and be ready to do anything to have it. 

Believe in yourself and you are half way there. 


We need to believe in ourselves. If you do not believe in yourself nobody else will. You are perfect, you are amazing, you are a wonderful human being, and you can do everything.

Believe in yourself, you have so many reasons to be proud of yourself. Many people love you, many people are proud of you, many people would love to live as good as you are. 

Work hard, be better every single day, learn, train, work, read, talk, listen...

Life loves you, destiny loves you, stars love you...

Because of that, you need to love yourself, and you need to love your life. And to improve it. Every day, do something good for yourself every single day. 

Just find what is making you happy, find what would make you happy. 

And when you find it, keep working hard until you get it. And when you get it, keep working even harder to keep it. Never let it go. It is yours, it belongs to you, do not forget that. Never. You deserve it. 

Only I can change my life. No one else has that power!


Only you. No one else! Nobody will come to your life, give you everything what you would love to have, and then disappear. You need to do something. Nothing is free. You have to work hard for everything what you want to have. Simple as that.


And, people, that was everything for this topic. I can talk about this for hours, but we do not want this blog to least forever. If you like it, let me know that. 

Thank you for reading.

Love you all!

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