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bitLanders is a place where you can read and watch interesting and catchy content, create your own, and be rewarded for it. It's also the place where you can chat up with other users and comment on their content.

To make bitLanders a better place, we decided to ban all comments that spam the platform and the chat asking only for "buzz" and/or "sub".

We will be monitoring the exchanges on the chat, as well as the comments posted on all blogs, videos, and galleries. Any user who spams with that type of buzz/sub requests both in the comments and the chat will be suspended from bitLanders and won't be able to log in or collect any Reward for that time period.

Simply buzz the content you like!

We're hoping this will motivate you to post more relevant comments and focus on creating content for your profile and enjoying other users' blogs and videos.


So how about you write a blog about how to use bitLanders without spamming or how this new rule affects your use of bitLanders?

Submit it for review and you'll earn double rewards
(for all blogs submitted in December).


Let's stop spam together!


- Micky

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