Synchronous motor is a great invention in electrical engineering

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I have written more than 40 blogs in film annex and they are further types. But today I have decided to write something about my study because this thing increased my knowledge and may be any other person. Who read this blog carefully?

First of all I told you that what is motor? Its answer is that motor is a machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Everything that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy is called motor.

Motor have further types but I will be discussed only synchronous motor and its basic principle of operation.

Synchronous motor have pole in different numbers, for example 2, 4, 6 and 8may be 8. And they have also a one stator. Stator is stationery part because they did not move. But rotor is rotating part. They rotate the under of stator and cuts the magnetic field of stator and produce voltage.

In simple words we apply the three phase supply of stator and they produced a field current and this field current produced a magnetic flux in rotor and then rotor rotates.

If we say that the basic operation of rotor is that the rotor chases the magnetic field of stator but never achieve it. It’s a basic operation of synchronous motor.

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