System of government in Afghanistan

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Afghanistan is an islamic country located in souwestern asia.Although modern governmental system in Afghanistan is recently emerged,it has been passed through challenging difficulties that tries to divert  the future perispective of hope of the country.After Taliban was overthrown by the united states and anti Taliban  northern alliance, prominentAfghans met under UN authority composed  30 members which was headed by the chairman of the members.These members had given an interim authority for taking care of the countries political,economical and social responsibilities for six month mandate with two year transitional authority.During this time,Loya Jirga or grand assembly was the main authoritative power that announced the transitional government to fully act.This time was the turning point for Afghan people and for the country to be introduced the first national democratic elections ever that resulted the initial step towards the emergence and execusion of democratic government.Eventhough it is difficult to say that the principles of democracy has been fully practiced during the election period,the beggining step was more than satisfactory for a 'baby' country struggling to implement democracy and protecting the national security by defending the gorilla fighting of the remaining Taliban forces.

The current government is divided into 34 provinces such that local authorities are in action for the administration and control of each province.The president is the head and maximum power holder of both the state and the government.The legislative organ has a bicameral national assembly houses.The first one is the house of the house of the elders or Meshrano Jirga that is composed of a single representative from each of the 34 provincial councils,additional 34 members appointed by the president and another 34 local district councils which is totally 102 members.The other house is known as Wolesi Jirga which is directly elected from the people of Afghan.It is authorized to work for five consecutive years and also president and the two vice presidents are elected to govern the country for five years.The constitution of Afghan doesn't allow for a president to be elected more that two terms.This democratic government is headed by Hamid  Karzai who is working hard to bring Afghanistan back on trucks to see a country which is build by the active involvement of all ethnic groups.

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