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People are in constant search of ways to earn extra income on line.  I noticed that those who are actually active in writing sites and the like came from different walks of life.  Some may even hold a significant high position in the government or some private sectors.  And perhaps a lot of OFW who even if they are already earning huge amount of money, still they are active online. 

Making some amount is I considered the main reason why people are active in these sites, and least I believe that it’s because they wanted to meet people from different places, socializing or exercising their writing potentials.

Anyhow I believe that being paid online has something to do with luck.  I mean it’s like a gamble wherein we aren’t sure if we will win or lose.  At the end of day we are left helpless and could not in any way do something to claim what we think we are worthy of or we deserved out from the time and effort spent not to the mention the other factors like the internet bills, electric bills, etc. that are associated in carrying out this kind of job.

Yes the relationship between the site owners and the members are not bonded with a contract or an employee-employer relationship thus we don’t have the right to claim for wages, only fees of the contents we shared which help the site attract advertisers who in turn pay the site owner who are supposed to pay its members.

Sad to say that nowadays it’s already hard to find for a legit site that really pays its members.  Gone those days wherein people were constantly receiving payments of their hard work on line.

Anyway, the game is on, if we want extra income online, then we have to embrace the challenge.Getting paid or not is the only option, take it or leave it.

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