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  • Taqwa is not only about looking Islamic...
  • Taqwa is not just about keeping beard or wearing the Hijab...
  • Taqwa is when you miss a single prayer, you feel uneasy the whole day.
  • Taqwa is when you speak a lie, your instinct feels bad.
  • Taqwa is the guilt that follows when you hurt someone knowingly or unknowingly.
  • Taqwa is the shame and regret that follows a sin you did knowing fully well about it stand in the sight of Allah.


  • Taqwa is the fear that refrains us from sinning even when we are alone and nobody is seeing us.
  • Taqwa is the guts and the will to please Allah, even when the whole world is hell bent on displeasing Him.
  • Taqwa is to wear that beard and Hijab for the sole reason of pleasing ALLAH and to keep it as Sunnah not for fashion.


  • Taqwa is the good manners and character that loving and fearing Allah brings in us.
  • Taqwa is the struggle to better yourself and others according to Islam with each passing day.
  • Taqwa is not only about rising in deen, it is more about falling but again rising up and never letting go.
  • Taqwa is all about being conscious of Allah in your HEART and if truly the heart is filled with proper Taqwa, then your actions automatically brings out the Taqwa in your heart as visible as the sun.


  • We are not all perfect but, we should endeavour to perfect ourselves. And that is what makes us a Mujaheed (a Striver)
  • May almighty Allah grant us forgiveness and bless us with Taqwa.

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