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Tea consumption is associated with national and historical traditions of different countries. For many people tea is a product of the first necessity, and some people consider it on par with bread as a vital, irreplaceable product.

Tea has a centuries-old tradition of the impact not only on the spirit, but also on the human body, and is also referred to as a healing, healthy beverage that helps to "the darkness of disease." The quest for a healthy lifestyle, so fashionable today, successfully connected with the fashion for all exotic and above all east. In light of this very popular get green tea, mate tea, white tea, hibiscus, traditional oriental drinks.
Today, tea is an integral part of life, brewing tea, leisurely tea party are sometimes ritualistic. Not dull friendly chat over a cup of tea contribute to spiritual enlightenment, give rise to intelligent, positive thoughts.
It would seem about tea is now known all. And yet, to find interesting and useful information on how to properly prepare the tea drink, and especially how to drink - rare. Some say that it is not difficult: the boiling water and took brewed tea, this skill is not necessary. We believe that it is - a profound error!
So there is a paradox: knowing how to grow and make a good tea, we do not attach importance to how to use it. Meanwhile, wrong, incompetent or negligent brewing can ruin the most perfect type of tea and thereby not only negate all the efforts to create such a useful drink, but also change the nature of the impact of tea on your body. Like some other products, tea has different ability feedback. It all depends on how you use it.
How important is it to know how to make tea, can be seen from the fact that even from low grade tea brewed with proper and careful handling it is possible to get a nice and healthy beverage.
Proper brewing tea is able to give us the maximum benefit and enjoyment from the use of this drink. In other words, by knowing the properties of the tea as a food, we can use it most effectively. Indeed, how many people drink tea right? And benefit from it a real pleasure to drink? Know what are the benefits of tea? When, how much and what kind of grades, types, types of tea rational use and why?
In general, if you have decided to learn how to drink tea all the rules, then our life will present enough information for reflection reference and recommendation. Read and drink tea with pleasure!




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