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Well tonight, I received another review of my previous blog, The New Tumalog Waterfalls. As usual, I felt excitement seeing Miss Hillary's face.

As usual, my weak point is the tags, I am now really wondering as to how to place the correct tags. I definitely believe that Miss Hillary and the rest of the bitLanders team here knows we are not SEO experts and they had not placed any tutorial here in the site on how to create effective tags. So now, since it has been this trend always and every blog I had submitted gets 4 stars out of 5 due to the tag issue, I am asking Miss Hillary's good office or to anyone who might concern this tag thingy to provide us at least a section here on how to create the correct tags.

I am having this sentiments because first and foremost, I exert effort in making my blog so I can get what I am aiming for, the 5/5 star rating.

Secondly, I have submitted these blogs for at least 40 gems. I forgot to list it down on my notes but from now on, I will note how much gems did I pay for the review. The last one I had submitted cost me 60 gems so where's justice?

Third, Miss Hillary is not reviewing our contents in a fast manner. So far, base on my list, I have one blog submitted on the 27th of February, that's almost a month, in fact just 11 days more and it will celebrate it's first monthsary. Actually I was expecting it to be reviewed and so I was surprised when I got The New Tumalog Waterfalls instead.

So there, am I having sense with all the things I just mentioned? I hope this will reach Miss Hillary or bitLanders perhaps.

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