Teamwork, its management and motivational tools

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After writing my few articles on hardcore sales , I thought to give break my sales articles here , because once you are in sales profession then my articles will give lots of enjoyment and pleasure in terms of getting new ideas and knowledge but if you are from some other background then surely you will not enjoy my writings . It is mostly said that in books, sales look so dry until and unless it is brought in practice. I am sure my journey of writing sales blog will continue ahead too, but this time I am turning my table to management side.

I am writing on one of the important topic of management that is teamwork and its management. Nowadays in corporate world major focus / priority is given to teamwork rather than individual work that is why companies invest significant amount of budget on training and team motivation. Let’s discuss in details regarding this element and how can motivate our team to achieve our goal.


Individualism and teamwork:


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Before moving ahead into detail of teamwork let’s see what is the difference between individual work and teamwork? And what are the characteristics of team – because most of the people use to say that we are working in team but actually they are in so-called team, which is not fulfilling even the basic criteria of team. First we will discuss the teamwork and then the differential point of teamwork over individual work.  

Term TEAM will only be said to a group of people, who will be covering following basic requirements like;


1-      Adequate team size ( 6 to 8 members )

2-      Clearly defined and specific goal , with characteristic of measurable

3-      Self-sufficient , authority and resourced needed to full fil that specific goal


If any group of people, who will be fulfilling above basic requirement then surely we will label that group as a team.

In individual work, a single person will be putting all his efforts to achieve a specific goal, bearing all the burden upon his/her own shoulders. There are several advantages and minuses of teamwork and individual, like;


Working as team:


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1-     Teamwork provide friendly work environment with liberty and autonomy

2-      In team you have the opportunity to do brainstorming of ideas on any matter

3-      In team, you get more expertise – because individual has limited capacity of knowledge and ability to do work and everybody is unique – when 2 or more heads come together then all share different type of knowledge and expertise and implement it to achieve specific goal.

4-      Relationship among employees gets strong while working in team


In team, you some time do not get credit of individual work – and secondly in most of cases you may face some conflicts among team members as well. And that team conflict may result in constructive work as well. Teamwork is best described in following animated video ;


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Contrary to it in individual work;

1-      You get all the credit of your achievement

2-      You are the only one to decide, implement and get result – at the end of the day you are accountable and responsible of your actions as well

3-      Individual work has the plus of “more focus work” – because in team , you may find much diversion from work in terms of more gossips and chatting among team members

4-      You feel autonomy and liberty as well while doing individual work


Individual work has minuses as well – You don’t enjoy the advantages of teamwork and you are just stuck up at your creativity only.


Importance of Teamwork:



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Teamwork is highly focus by the companies in order to groom employees’ professional skills – and nowadays major portion of the training budget is also allocated on team building activities as well. Teamwork help the companies in;


1-     Delegation:


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Teamwork help company leader to choose the best people for the best job. Because in teamwork leader become able to find out the strength and weakness of the employee. Then after analyzing the  pluses and minuses leader will be able to delegate the specific task to the most qualifying person


2-      Efficiency:


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Teamwork at workplace develop a kind of system that help the companies to complete any task in efficient manner. And this is sure that when a task will be handed over to the most trained and efficient team then the probability of completion of task within timeline is high.


3-    Ideas:


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When in a workplace companies will encourage teamwork then team can think much well about the solution of company issues, because teamwork allows staff member to feel liberty in sharing ideas and brainstorming.


Team motivation:


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As already discussed that companies are investing heavily to encourage teamwork through training – likewise motivation of team is also taking significant amount of budget. For the team motivation companies arrange annual conference, off-site meeting, official trips, foreign visits etc – apart from all these ways of motivating team , there are numerous others in-house ways of motivation, like;


  • ·         Fair and honest communication with each member of the company


  • ·         Appreciate and commend the work of your team


  • ·         Encourage them to bring new ideas and then support them in implementing ideas


  • ·         Delegate them challenging task


  • ·         Always welcome creativity from team members


  • ·         Set standard and way path for their professional grooming ( career growth ) and give equal opportunity to all team members


  • ·         Support as much as you can


  • ·         Fight for the rights of employees


  • ·         Make them feel great regarding job security


  • ·         Give care and attention to each member of the organization


  • ·         Create competitive environment and regard them with rewards


  • ·         Present them with beautiful gifts on their days


  • ·         Celebrate their success loud and clear


Team management skills:


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Now its all clear that teamwork has more power than working individually and we have discussed the importance and motivational tolls as well- Now quickly let’s jot down some team management skills, how we can form and manage team efficiently to get the task done! And those rules of thumb are;

1-      Team leader should act like a coach or mentor rather than a boss

2-      Self-respect is very important – each member of the team must feel that he or she is respected well

3-      Team leader should ensure that every team member is willingly participating in team activities without any force or burden – it will help in efficiency of task

4-      Every member of the staff should receive same information within organization fairly without any discrimination

5-      Team member should not leak the information to outside team members

6-      Every team members should be motivated on daily basis.



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I am sure with these some rules of thumbs you can not only motivate your team but you can also manage your team in more efficient manner to get the task done in better way.


 See you soon in next article :) 


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