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In earlier days, it was common practice to gain knowledge for spiritual improvement. But know the criteria of knowledge have been changed. This is an age of science and technology. With the passage of time the importance of technology and science is increasing. We cannot ignore the importance of liberal education but this is not sufficient to survive in this world.

For developing countries the only way to survive economically in this vast world is to promote technical education. This type of education plays key role in the progress. The developed countries are promoting technical education on higher level; their progress is due to the expansion of technical education. Now these countries are considered technically sound in the field of technology and science.

We can say the technical education is a technique which not only secure people financially but also improves education and trains a person theoretically and practically in a specific trade. A technical person not only handles industrial sector but also improves both quality and quantity. In the modern age, technically educated people are regarded as the back bone of industry.