Technology's Impact on Youth

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What technology has done to the human beings? Technology has changed human beings. The invention of technology has caused a very strong impact on the social life of youth. Technology is the way of communication but it has changed the way the youth behaves. Before the invent of technology that involves advent of TV, social media, latest phones, the old culture of gatherings, of family gatherings has become obsolete. The advent of technology has changed things for positive aspect but it has caused a very negative impact on the lives of people. The things has changed very badly.

Technology is a good way of connecting people but it has made things worse. Now internet users prefer to sit on their computers rather than going out or moving out in the society. these technologies provide new and fast ways to reach information sources. But it has caused the negative impact on youth as it has caused youth to detach from their social lives. The use of technology has two sides. Positive and Negative. The negative aspect is that it has destroyed the moral values. There are many things that distract youth. Like many websites on the internet are not suitable and not fit for youth. Theres a lot of content that is explicit, and that takes you to the newest lows. The use of technology is not bad, if it is behind the line, and if it is for the good. The technology can cause damage to yotu moral values and characters. The 24/7 texting and socializing is a threat for the people.
Either technology is a curse or blessing it depends on its use. Today's youth is using is using it as a way of entertainment rather than using it as way of communication. We must educate our young generation  to use technology effectively. It is an obligation on our elders to guide and tell youth about effectiveness and best use of technology..

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