Teleportation: Maui, Hawaii <3 :-)

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Imagine; teleporting to Maui, Hawaii, once there, you find yourself relaxing in ~one of your new homes~ in Maui. You are eating and drinking the finest ~foods and drinks~ in the land. And, you are "shooting-the-breeze" with some of most ~Beautiful~Natives~ (not only of that land), but of the whole world: *This Would Be That Place*!! <3 :-* :-) 8)




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Hello Everyone, Xiao Un here! I am an Online Promoter; and using Shouru DanWei's "LianGirls Faves blog-site" as an example, I will present my "Favorites" to you! I hope you enjoy. :-) I also will be uploading and sharing images of: anime girls, bikini models, cakes & cupcakes, and much…

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