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A telescope is a optical instrument is used to see a clear and distinct image and far off distance is called telescope

There are two types of telescope

1-      Refracting telescope

2-      Reflecting telescope

But we shall let the only three Refracting

1-      Astronomical Telescope

2-      Galileso,s Telescope

3-      Terrestrial Telescope

1-      Astronomical Telescope:-

                                                Astronomical Telescope are the optical instrument its used to see heavenly bodies like as the moon and stars


                                It consists of two convex lenses.first is the acts as an objective and other as an eye piece. Other wise the  objective which is of large focal length makes a real inverted and diminished image

2-      Galileso,s Telescope

                                                It consists is two lenses the  objective which is a convex lens of large focal length make a real inverted and diminished image as object AB Before these rays they

3-      Terrestrial Telescope     

                                                The astronomical telescope makes the inverted of the object so it can not be used to see object like as piece and a third lens between them which is used to the image

The eye piece magnifies it the made the final image  its due to three lenses it is very long size

Difference between A microscope and a Telescope

1-      Microscope:-

2-      Microscope to used the see to the very nearly and very small thing

2-  Microscope to used the object of short is focal length

3-      Eye piece of large focal length

2 -Telescope:-

1-      Telescope are used to see the the distant object

2-      It is used to Large focal length

3-      It is used to the of short is the focal length

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