Temperature changes in computer technology data stole !!

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Since the discovery of the world's safest computers were at risk. Photo: File

Tel Aviv: defense agencies, banks and other sensitive installations to protect computers from hacker attacks from the Internet are kept separate, but Israeli experts have discovered a way to isolate the computers be used for hacking is.

Ben-Gurion University of the Cyber ​​Security Research Center scientists working heights murdy fair and discover the technology of Prof. Yuval ayluuysy emitted from computers can access them from the heat and qbmty can steal data.Under the project, the discovery BitWhisper used in computers which use heat sensors in the computer temperature changes are noted.

With the help of this technology on the Internet, despite not having a computer in it with the help of the heat emitted from the data can be stolen. Since the discovery of the safest in the world have posed a threat to computers and large institutions and companies together to prevent dangerous kind of hacking has begun.

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