Terrorism & Pakistan

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                                   Terrorism & Pakistan

First of all I want to define what is terrorism? It means to spread fear b/w the people, and disturbed the routine the life.


A terrorist is a person who has no religion no country & no family. They are not only in Pakistan but also in all over the world. It starts in Pakistan from 1999 & still we are in the victim of terrorism. Pakistan takes steps to control this in very beginning and with the help of USA.  All forces of Pakistan navy, army, air force, police, and intelligence agencies all play their own role to stop it.



Terrorist are those who want to command on all over the world, but all countries of the world sport each other to finish it from the earth. In these 12-13 years Pakistan spends millions of rupees to control it & in this mission hundreds of Pakistani’s died.


In Pakistan a small child Malala Yousafzai come on front. Who belong to backward area have great mission. He is frontline to anti terrorism. He is only 16 year old but wins lot of noble prizes for Pakistan. Which show that peoples who live in back ward areas of Pakistan also want peace not only in Pakistan but also in all over the world and also play their roles against terrorism?


Country that is in the victim of terrorism has lost it way of development no law and order remain their & economy of the country is destroyed. No investor invests his money in that country which is in the victim of terrorism. Due to terrorism the ratio of income decrease and ratio of unemployment increase. In terrorism lot of heroes of the country died.

So at the end I want to say that as well as government it is also our duty to take part to control it, if we saw such kind of people who is looking like a terrorist or involved in criminal activities or do something wrong then inform securities agencies.  with this over little act we are able to save the life’s of many peoples.


In Pakistan we want peace, we want peace.



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