Thankful For His Reminders

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I always believe that God communicates His heart through our experiences. 

I've been to many circumstances that actually made me feel somewhat down. There was a point in my life when I cried so hard, felt like my days were in gloom, my heart was breaking to see how things were falling apart. I felt so weak. 

Those things never caused me to give up my faith and obedience. Instead, I examined my own ways and realized that God was trying to say something to me. And yes, I suddenly remembered that I was forgetting and neglecting something important. I almost did something wrong (unintentionally) , making HIM get disappointed in me. I realized my mistakes. I poured out my heart to Him - thanked Him for the reminders, and expressed my gratefulness through prayers.


Why am I writing this one today? It's because I dealt with something that hurt me in a way yesterday. Again, God had given me a "reminder" . 

God always wants us to improve, to be better. It always feels great to be enlightened by His words and get our days brightened by His light.


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I am a music lover... a woman who thanks God every second of my life for His unconditional love.

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