The 5 hobby Challenge

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1) Reading - This and no. 2 are the top contenders, but i have decided to put reading first as i have love books and the magic they bring to me before i learnt how to cook.
2) Cooking - I was taught by the best cooks (my mother and aunties) and along the line, i developed and improved my skills in this area, good thing I also love to eat.
3) Travelling - I enjoy the whole process and exciting of planning trips and having fun visiting people and places.
4) Singing - I am always singing, i fall into song anywhere and anytime, it keeps me company and makes my time pass by so fast especially when doing my chores. P.S - I can not hold a note
5) Spending time with my 3 good friends - This is not something i do often at all, so does it qualify as a hobby?


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