The 6 Modules

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As what you see in the picture, there are 4 books and this books are very important in taking the Pharmacist Licensure Examination, where students who have graduated in Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy will use this books as a studying instrument in taking the licensure examination. The Pharmacist Licensure Examination is composed of 6 modules where the Module 1 is all about Pharmaceutical Chemistry including Inorganic and Organic Chemistries in which it focuses on the elements and more importantly it also focuses on medicine in which it explains the chemical structure of the medicines, while in Module 2 focuses in Pharmacognosy and Biochemistry in which it is concerned on plants and their constituent and their medicinal properties, in Modulr 3 it focuses on the Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy, in which it explains the drug interactions and also getting the dose that is right for the patient, now in Module 4, in this module is concerned in the Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacology where the medicines are explained here on how the drug will affect the body and how the body will affect the drug, and the mechanism of actions of ever drug category are explained here, for Module 5, this module focuses on the manufacturing and drug delivery system where the drug design is explained and how it is manufactured before it is release in the market, for the last module which is Module 6, it focuses on Microbiology and Quality Control, this module explains the organisms in our body and how they react when the body is not in normal condition, and in quality control it explains the manufacturing processes on how they aim for their certain specifications.

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