The ability of TRUSTING!

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My parents would always tell me that Trusting others is like taking the risk of getting wounded. I ignored this and had taken it for granted most of the times. On my adolescent years, I enjoyed the company with others. I easily reached out and trust people. When I first had my first betrayal from a special friend, I was still optimistic and I have forgiven her the moment she had betrayed me. I have friends and people I look up to but I treasure one person at a time and she was the first one who was special the most. Growing up is never easy and I happened to lost her again-that is because of her BETRAYAL. For the mean time, I lost my trust to people. I closed my doors to any kind of serious relationship which was FRIENDSHIP. Then again, it opened when a girl to whom I fairly knew through texts caught my attention. She was sweet, vibrant and loving. She was the first one who offered the BEST FRIEND relationship and I was so happy with it. But we can not predict time not as well the persons. Once again, my ability of trusting simply fade away after a big collision of outburst heartache. This time around it's not only out of friendship but as well as in my boy-girl relationship. It followed when I realized that I had too many expectations and hopes for my friends and I realized that I was so busy trusting and collecting friends who in turn never cared and loved me the way I do to them. There are so many things to mention on how I got depressed and completely lost out of TRUST and it will take me a lifetime of recalling those hurtful scenarios. 

Honestly, trusting seems to be an easy word and often times it slips on our minds whenever we encounter persons who are capable of our trusts.But sometimes, we have to think of ourselves first. Call it selfish or self-abhorrence, the thing here is we have to take time and more time to know the person and if ever we do want to trust them, we must make an assurance that we don't trust too much. 


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