The Abrahamic Religions

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The Abrahamic religion accounts more than half of the total population of the world today. These include the three monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam). All three religions believe the Prophet Abraham (PBUH) as their common forefather. Other than these three religions Bahai faith and Rastafari movement are recent of Abrahamic religion.

 Origin and Place founded

Judaism was founded at about c. 7thcentury BCE at ancient Palestine, there original language was Hebrew. Christianity came in the  1st century CE in same ancient Palestine under Roman rule with reek and Aramaic as the original language. Islam came in 622 CE in Arabia with Arabic as the original language.


Adherents and Population Spreadout

Christianity consist of a majority of adherents of about 2 billions and they are called ‘Christians’. The main location of their adherents are in Europe, Africa , North and South America. Followed by Islam with the second highest majority and is said to be the fastest growing religion. The Muslims are about 1.3 billion and the main location of Islam is Middle Eat and South East Asia. Judaic followers are called ‘Jews’ and their population includes 14 million, their main location is in Isreal, Europe and USA.


Holy Books and Prophets

The fundamental prophets of the Abrahamic religions are; Moses, Jesus and Mohammad (peace be upon them). The King David is considered as a Prophet by Muslims who came somewhere between Moses and Jesus, by which Psalms the Zabur is revealed to him by Allah. However, Christians and Jews do not give him as a status of a “Prophet”.  The Holy Books of Abrahamic religions are; Torah for Jews, Gospel for Christians and Koran for Muslims.  


Religious Laws, Clergy and Worship place

The religious law of Judaism is Halakah, Christianity’s Conan law and Islam is Shariah. House of worship is synagogue or temple for Jews with rabbis are clergy, church or chapel for Christians with priests, ministers, bishops and pastors as clergy and mosque or masjid for Muslims with Imam as clergy.


Day of Worship and Theism

The day of worship for Muslims is Friday, Jews is Saturday and Christians is Sunday. The theism of Christianity is ‘Trinitarian monotheism’, whereas Islam and Judaism believe in strict monotheism.


Believe in the afterlife

The afterlife concept of Muslims and Christians is Paradise or Heaven for good afterlife and Hell for bad after life. The Jewish concept of afterlife varies from Islam and Christianity; for good it is either heaven or no afterlife and for bad it is eternal Gahenna, reincarnation or no afterlife.

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