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Kabul and the holy month of Ramadan…

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Abid Khan

Terrorism has grow to be one among the most important demanding situations for all the growing in addition to the developed international……

by abid-khan

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The Abrahamic Religions


The Abrahamic religion accounts more than half of the total population of the world today. These include the three monotheistic religions……

by pharoah

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Today I talk about two nation theory when we hear a word two nation theory the theme present in over mind that is the Muslims and……

by qasimsadiq

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My Future

nusapratama Internasional

he only future you have is within you, that ability that GOD gave to to make a change. There will be no future if you do not change……

by nusapratama

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Today I am writing on the creator of this world the one and only Allah. Allah has created this world, animals, tree, humans and the……

by shonimano

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Greatest Virtue


Courtesy is opposite to cruelty. As cruelty is the greatest evil courtesy is the greatest virtue. It is the basis of all religions.……

by abraizsarwar

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    Election is one of the way that it can legitimate a government and we have the good president. And also election is……

by hekmatullah

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color and sepration


  In ever part of world there is a definition for each kind of people and different interpretation from different person and……

by Oranos

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Mighty China!

Sweet Asia TV

I can’t stop thinking about Asia and its measure. The biggest continent with so many different nationalities, religions, and……

by SweetAsiaTV

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