color and sepration

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In ever part of world there is a definition for each kind of people and different interpretation from different person and it’s not new but it’s a heritage which is remaining from our ancestors.

From the beginning of world till now the color is more voluble in creating of differences between nation’s even countries and some religions, nationalities, races are more valuable among nations.

These all differences causes divided of world in parts, one of it reason is the idea of nonentity co-operation among the nations because of color, religion or nationality, as from past there was big difference between white and blacks and mostly blacks were slaves  because of their colors and if they discovered anything they hide it and didn’t share it with white people and white people also didn’t divided their goods with them, as example(Gideon) which was a black salve he discovered a medicine from a bash that could endure the blinds and was any poison he hid his secret about the medicine he knew and do not tell it to the white people even he didn’t tell it to someone else to use it in endure of daises, just because he thought his own benefits.

So in all around the world the main reason of  war among the countries and the reason of their separation from each other is such kind of actions and disloyalty of people also the greedy that they have and its the reason that people go further and further from each other.

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Oranos farhat is graduated from English department of Herat university in 1992.

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