The Beginning Of Great Things To Come In 2015 by Matthew Gudwin

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     For the past year, I have been writing various stories, blogs, and interviews.   It has been fun building my audience on Bitlanders from zero to over forty-four hundred people all over the world.  Unlike other social sites, it is much easier on Bitlanders to connect with people that I have never met.  From photos to blogs to videos I have been able to get a clearer and unbiased understanding of other parts of the world.  On this site people are just being themselves writing, posting pictures, and talking about their homeland.

     In life nothing worthwhile is easy.  I have been working on my personal dream to write professionally for years.  If you are fighting to become a doctor, an inventor or an entrepreneur, it takes more than just trying, to conquer your dreams for them to happen. 

     More to the point, wake up tomorrow morning and walk into the bathroom, turn on the faucet and splash cold water on your face. After that, look carefully into the mirror and evaluate who you are, and what you want to be then never look back.  In life, there are people who are doers and make things happen and others who wait for the bus.  I will never pretend to think I am close to my goals, but I often look at a list of goals that I am striving to accomplish. What do you want out of life and how are you planning on getting it?  How many times have you been asked where do you want to be in the next five years?  It may be hard to answer and too easy to be unrealistic, but isn’t it on the same level too easy to avoid the question realistically.  You are most likely reading this because you are on Bitlanders or it has been reposted on other social platforms.  Do you think these creator’s of all these popular websites made them overnight and without working hard? So like Francesco Rulli, the creator of Bitlanders I want you to say to yourself what do you want out of life that is moral, ethical and worth fighting for.  Write it down and create steps to obtain it.  We can do this together since we are constantly working towards goals throughout our entire lives. Since I was a kid, I have enjoyed creative writing and using my imagination on all possible levels. Whether making tape recordings, short videos or just making others think or laugh.  When I turned sixteen discovering my love for writing movies became a huge turning point in my life.  Some are bold enough to tell me how impossible this dream is and some are just thinking it. So I should just quit right, no. You have to determine what you want more than anything and realize it will not be given to you. We have all been put on this earth to achieve something. Figuring out what that something is, is half the battle. When you figure this out, never give up fighting for your dream. Realize you only live once and one day all you will have are memories to reflect on.

     About a year ago I got this great opportunity to work on a project presented to me after I became acquainted with Francesco.  We went over specifics about what is important in the world. We agreed that this very special person, whom I have been writing about, has had many interesting life experiences, unique ideas and important life lessons to convey. These are life lessons that human beings of all ages, classes and races need to learn to lead a full and rewarding life. Spreading the message of morals, treating people right and equality regardless of who you are or how much money you have.  Being charitable in a multitude of different ways, whether donating money or time or helping a mother carry a stroller down the subway stairs.  This one in particular always makes me smile because it is so heartwarming to watch. This brings me up to now, 2015, a new year with new projects.  After talking with Francesco at length, I have been able to get a real feel for who he is with our in-person discussions, emails, and phone calls. This is not just a man seeking to get his name in the paper for his acts of constant kindness, but a compassionate man on a mission to spread awareness of various social issues foreign and domestic. In the end I have been able to get up close and personal with him on these various projects, those that he has either already accomplished, is in the middle of doing or setting up for the future. This will lead to a series of stories, meaningful interviews, podcasts and more. 

So stay tuned as we engage on a new journey!  



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