The benefits of four things (Chapter One)

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There are so many things in our daily life; which influences we are affected by variety of problems, on other hand we getting the variety of benefits. So me of them I’ve been presented in front of you today (part-01), maybe you did not know about such things.

*-*-*Chapter One *-*-*

Four things become sick the human body:
01.Additional talking.
02. Additional sleep.
03. Additional eating.
04. Additional cohabitation(with special people)

Four things is break down the human body :
03. Appetite.
04. Going to bed late at night.

Four things that are dry the face looks and destroy the facecomely :
01. Lying

02. Boldness
03. Unnecessarily to the debate

04. Misconduct.


To be continue…

Chapter Two coming soon stay tune…

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