The biggest problem of Islamic countries and its effect on our country

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Today we talk about the problem of Kashmir we all know that the problem of Kashmir is a burning issue of today.Even since partition, Kashmir has been a born of contention between Pakistan and India.

Pakistan and India has faced many wars due to the problem of Kashmir but still this problem is happening. And we know that today the port country have a nuclear power and the next war will be a horrible one. Kashmir has been outstanding and disputed territory since 1947 between India and Pakistan.

Today Kashmir issue is entered critical stage. Encouraged by the success of the Afkhan struggle , the people of Kashmir have taken up arms against India government. The wave of freedom is gaining momentum everyday. Even women and children's have come out and have risen in rebellion against the cruel rule of India.

The day is not far away when there are sacrifices will bring fruit and they will win their freedom. The role of Pakistan has also become very significant in the present situation. Pakistan raised this issue on international forum and achieved a great diplomatic victory.

In short the day is very near when the freedom of Kashmir is seen on the whole world.

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